Let’s blame everybody else!

Because pointing fingers at people who aren’t involved in CREATING the problem has worked so well for everything on any topic ever.  Crazy.

I still can’t believe that adults who are responsible for our government who supposedly represent the people of this country shut down the government.  A law that went into effect because it had the votes in the House & Senate followed with the signature of President Obama is on the books.  It was challenged in court and made its way to the ultimate court of our land and was found to be constitutional.  Let’s shut down the government because extremists didn’t get their way?  Something just doesn’t seem right about that at all no matter what side you’re on.

I stand with President Obama on this.

While I’m talking politics, I’m so fed up with people not respecting the offices and titles our officials have obtained.  I remember disagreeing about a number things during the terms of President G.W. Bush, however, I still called him President Bush.  Where is the decency, courtesy, and respect when people simply call our president and other leaders simply by name or other disrespectful epithets?  Such a shame that adults can’t act like adults.

Orignal Video Source: Gawker